Why you can’t just take every negative review down

It may sound obvious, but many customers leave bad reviews when their initial need was not met. You may love the service in a restaurant but dislike the food. Your review is still counted even if your complaint — pun intended– doesn’t involve the staff at the restaurant.

You should take steps to fix any problems your customers have brought up in their negative reviews. You can then follow up with customers to see if you’re willing for them to give your service or product another try. You should let them know that you’ve taken the necessary steps to rectify your mistakes and still appreciate their business. This may not work for every client, but it promotes customer-centricity and brand culture.

Customer service professionals like to mention that 85 percent of consumers believe that reviews older than 3 months are not relevant. This statistic does not take into account that older reviews can you delete google reviews are still taken into consideration when calculating your Google rating. This rating is important, as 52% of consumers will not purchase from a company with a rating below 4.

As your company grows and evolves, many things can also change. Google reviews from two years ago might not be accurate anymore. Try to reach out to the user via their review to see if they are willing to make changes. Offer them a reward for trying your service or product again, in exchange for an updated review. Some people online are lying, whether you believe it or not. The worst is yet to come. It gets worse.

Look for any signs of fraud if you are unsure about the authenticity of a particular review. Fake reviews are often vague and could be about any company. Verify if there are any previous reviews from the person who left it and whether they include a photo with their account. Respond to the review. You can flag it as inappropriate if you do not receive a reply. Then wait until Google reviews your report.

It can take a long time to wait for Google’s search engine to remove an unwanted review. The steps above will help you and your team to quickly respond to negative Google reviews, and build a better relationship with your customers. There is no “delete button”. If you own the business and have received a bad review, you may be able to remove it in a few different ways. First, you can flag the review as a violation of policy.

You may need to learn how to delete Google reviews when you receive false or defamatory comments. You can do certain things if you believe that a Google review is false or has been fabricated. You can dispute Google reviews. It is a difficult process, and you can’t be sure that it will work. It isn’t as easy as going into your Google account and removing the Google review. You can flag the Google review in the hopes that it will be removed. However, there’s no guarantee they will do so.

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